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Why you can’t find buyers for your CPA practice

Selling a CPA practice can be a challenge especially if you don’t know the channels to follow. Doing the sell individually is even more challenging because you have to market the firm on your own. However, today we have firms that are responsible for uniting the buyers and the sellers. They provide a platform for buyers by providing cpa firms for sale. To successfully sell your accounting firm, the first step is to look for a company to help you with the sale. With such a company, you will get a platform of potential buyers.

Why can’t you sell your firm?

Who are your clients?

When buyers are buying accounting firms, they will look at your client base. The main purpose of looking at the client base is to determine if the business will still have clients in the years to come. For instance, if most of your clients are in the 50s, it means that they are about to retire. There are chances that in the next ten years, the firm will no longer have these clients. This is an aspect that most of the clients will check.


Profits going down

If your profits are going down, then no client will be interested in buying the firm. Even if the profits of your firm are low, there should be still a sign of improvement. Clients want to know that the firm that is planning to buy has potential. A firm that has declining profits is always a warning sign, and most of the potential buyers will shy away.

The quality of staff

The quality of staff in your company can be a big influence when trying to sell your company. When a buyer decides to buy a firm, they are buying it together with the staff, and they need to make sure that they are buying quality. A firm with young and vibrant professionals will attract more buyers compared to one with staff who are almost in the retirement age.

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Use of technology

Most of the firms today are going paperless. If your firm is still stuck in the old way of doing things, then you might experience problems when trying to sell it. Buyers want to buy a firm that has already adopted the use of technology like the use of modern tools and accounting software.