Benefits Of Cash Advance Companies

A cash advance is a lump-sum payment made to an individual or business entity in exchange for an agreed interest charge on the amount. It is basically, a short term loan normally sort to bail out one from a hard financial situation. The cash advance service is provided by banks, credit card companies, charge card issuers or alternative lenders. The cash advance companies allow the cardholders to withdraw cash to a set credit limit either through a financial agency, over the counter or through an ATM. There are many benefits that accrue from using the business advance services;

High approval rates


Cash advance companies unlike other monetary lending institutions such as banks have high credit approval rates. Small businesses and individuals can borrow quick money and be granted almost immediately with few legal requirements needed. The cash advance services do not base their credit rating on personal credit history, the length the business has been in existence or the amount of financial savings the business entity has made hence it quickens the lending process. Interestingly, cash advance companies do not consider a bad credit history as a deterrent of approving a loan as long as the borrower shows the ability and capacity to make the repayment.

Easy application process

Cash advance service providers require minimal registration details from a borrower as long as they are able to ascertain the physical address of the borrower and their capability to pay. Hence, unlike other conventional money lenders who take roughly two weeks to process a business loan, it is possible to get a cash advance loan within the first twenty-four hours of application or instantly for compliant repeat borrowers.

No collateral needed

Cash advance companies do not require the borrower to provide collateral as security for the loan. These lending companies understand the extra expenses that are incurred in making customer visits and valuation of physical property to enlist these possessions as security. Therefore, collateral is a non-requirement in cash advance business as they work by building trust relationships between the company and the borrowers.

Easy payments


Cash advance companies offer a simple repayment formula within an agreed timeframe. The borrower is expected to repay the principal discharged and the interest that has accumulated over time. Therefore, to maintain reliable customer care services, the cash advance companies offer different repayment methods some of which involve payments using e-wallets to ensure that the borrower can pay their loan promptly even in remote locations.