Reasons Why Foreign Exchange Rates Fluctuate

Foreign exchange rates can be used to determine a country’s economic stability. It is, therefore, important for it to be monitored closely. The foreign exchange rate is the rate at which a country’s currency is converted into another currency. If one sends or receives money from abroad on a regular, they need to be aware of how the rates keep fluctuating. Here are some of the reasons as to why the prices keep changing

Inflation Rates

Changes in the market inflation will lead to variations in the exchange rates. A country that has low inflation as compared to their counterpart that they are trading currencies with will see an appreciation of the value of their currency. Prices of goods and services will rise slowly in a country with a lower inflation rate. That also leads to a rise in the value of the currency. A high inflation rate will weaken the currency and subsequently increase interest rates.

Interest Rates

An increase in interest rates will enhance the value of the country’s currency. This is because higher interest rates will increase the rates to lenders and that will attract more foreign capital. When that happens, there will be an increase in exchange rates.

Government Debt

Government debt is a debt that is owned by the central government. It is also referred to as national debt. A country with a high debt will have a hard time acquiring foreign currency. Therefore, it will lead to inflation. When the market predicts government debt within a country, foreign investors will sell bonds in the open market. In such an event, the value of the exchange rate will decrease.

Political Stability

A country’s political stability determines the strength of its currency. A country that has a strong political ground will attract foreign investors. This will, in turn, increase the value of the currency. The currency will have a high value because there will be no room for uncertainties. Political confusions, on the other hand, will lead to decrease in the value of the currency.


When a country experiences recession, what follows after is the decrease in interest rates. That will, in turn, reduce the chances of acquiring foreign capital. The currency, therefore, reduces in value as compared to the other countries and that reduces the exchange rates.


When it is speculated that the currency will rise, investors will demand more so as to make the profit. The monetary value will in turn increase, therefore, increasing the exchange rates.

Benefits Of Online Bill Payment

In this modern era, most banks have an online bill paying platform. The platform allows people to pay bills electronically. They provide a secure online account. One can then designate when to pay bills like utility bills, credit card payments, and loan payments among others. Here are some of the benefits of paying bills online.

It Is Convenient, And It Saves Time

Paying bills online takes a click of a button. It does not matter whether one paying using a mobile device or a web browser. All the bills can be paid online without having to visit multiple websites. Time is saved because having to make payments in person consumes a lot of time and energy. Most of the services also set up automatic recurring services. They send reminders, and people end up paying the bills on time.

Safety And Security

The online platforms make sure that paying bills online is safe and secure. This is because there is a lot of personal information that hackers can use. Therefore the security is tight to ensure that nothing threatening will affect the websites. The account number, signature and routing number will be kept in confidence so as to avoid exposure of such confidential details.

Online Payment Gives Control Of The Payment

When one is paying bills online, they are in control of when they make the payments. Moreover, they will decide how much to pay on each bill and even when they decide to cancel the payment; there is no one who can stop them from doing so. They are in control of everything.

Online Payment Saves Money And Helps The Environment

Paying bills online helps to cut down the costs of stamps and envelopes. Transportation costs to the banks are also cut down. It is also eco-friendly because the use of paper is reduced. Some financial institutions have fully embraced the idea of doing everything electronically. The bills will be received, viewed and paid electronically in one location.

Payment Records Can Be Retrieved Easily

When bills are paid online, the payment information can be stored conveniently in one place. Everything is organized, and it is helpful especially when it comes to taxes. Paying bills online provides proof that the payments were made and one can easily dispute a late or missing payment. When records are needed, they can easily be retrieved unlike the system of receipts where they can get lost.